Open your life to a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities. As your Soul Coach, Iva provides training for your mind, body, soul, and life to reveal and create your greatest potential. Seeing into your lifestream through a blueprint of colours, Iva delivers invigorating insight on your current situation, while rapidly lifting energetic blockages, limiting beliefs and un-resourceful patterns. In your newly elevated state, you are infused with an exhilarating energy activation to turn on the navigation system of your Soul's Infinite Intelligence. Igniting you to take charge of your life with heightened clarity, purpose and direction. 

Iva additionally channels a set of tools to help you sustain and enhance your brilliant state long after your session. With commitment and consistency to these assignments, you will find yourself growing and shifting immediately. Many clients relate their first experience with Iva as being able to see clearly for the first time in their lives. 

Business Consulting

Iva uses her intuitive energetic gifts and abilities to consult in business, product development, and branding. 

Whether you are embarking on a start-up, operate a massive enterprise, or travel the world on tour, working with Iva is the alchemy that will catapult your career. Iva sees into your business as a blueprint, where she is directed on how to move energy around to reveal a state where growth and innovation replace hindrance, and your core mission becomes your greatest impact. Iva provides you with a set of tools, along with the exact changes and action steps to take regarding employees, decisions, and general structure, that will energetically align your outcomes into the highest success trajectory. 

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& body readings

Heal and glow from the inside out. With a powerful ability to see deep within the body, Iva energetically scans your organs and prescribes exactly what foods, nutrients and practices your body requires in order to properly cleanse, detoxify, and strengthen your systems based on your unique composition. 

What we put into our bodies affects us greatly. Learn how to maximize your body’s performance, optimize your health & weight, and approach each day with your most vibrant energy and mood. As you nourish yourself correctly, you create the best outcomes for your body, mind, soul and life. 

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