Iva's hands-on energy work is the most powerful aspect of her gift. For this in-person service, Iva will visit you at your home, office, or space to deliver a deeply transformative awakening of your mind, body, soul, and life.  

In addition to an in-person session (see description here), you are infused with a direct hands-on energy transmission; igniting your cells with vitality, cleansing your organs, and effectively removing deep emotional and behavioural glitches. Experience instantaneous relief as the density of physical, emotional and mental limitation is released, and replaced with confidence, immense clarity, and freedom. Clients observe feeling lighter, appearing years younger, and shedding excess weight as their energy is properly aligned to reveal their true, brilliant nature. 


Energetically cleanse and upgrade your space through this remarkable experience of Spirit-guided feng shui. For this in-person service, Iva will walk through your home and/or business to clear, cleanse and remove old stagnant and blocked energy, and infuse your entire space with a High Frequency Activated Essence - an energy uniquely administered by Iva that instantly shifts all that comes into contact with it. Providing new openings and new opportunities for your personal life and business while clearing out all that need not be.

In addition, Iva will provide you with recommendations on what items to add or remove and how to arrange your space in order to create and invite the most favourable outcomes for the home, business and everyone who enters. Each session is provided by Iva uniquely to the individuals based on their greatest outcomes and needs.