“Every session with Iva brings unimaginable gifts. It’s as if she ignites something that pours blessings into your life and at rapid speed. And I’m the proof because I’ve experienced this first hand. After a 3-month home search and no luck, I had my first session with Iva. That same week, I found my dream condo in my dream neighbourhood (after I was told it was too expensive and impossible to find) and signed a lease.”

“I’ve been thinking about everything that you said during that IMPACTFUL session - my head is still spinning because you were SO SPOT-ON about me. Everything that I thought I was SO SKILLED at hiding from the world (and a lot of times, my own self) you have uprooted/unearthed & brought to the light - almost glaringly so. Talking to you was like hearing my own Soul speak to me for the first time & at times, it was being slapped by my own Soul in the best way possible that I HAVE NO HUMAN WORDS FOR.”

“After my most recent session with Iva on a Sunday, on the Wednesday I landed 4 clients in 1 day — that has never happened! Prior to my session, I was also looking to make a change in my work life to get things exciting again. After my session, I received the opportunity to consult with an incredible, forward-thinking company PLUS the chance to be in one of Toronto’s BEST co-working spaces. All of this happened just 72 hours after my session with Iva. It’s an understatement to say that her guidance is powerful, but it’s important for me to share with the world that she has made my life richer in so many ways and my relationship with myself and my soul work a lifelong commitment I never want to let go of.”

“Hi Iva!
You are the best! Thank you so much for your gracious loving assistance. I always feel so much lighter after our sessions and really excited about shifting! I have already been witnessing magic and feel like I am completely cleansing.”

“Thank you, Iva, for awakening my soul & allowing me to feel parts of it that I never knew existed.
Thank you, Iva, for allowing me to feel my heart for the first time in forever.
Thank you, Iva, for speaking so clearly that noise simply cannot exist.
Thank you, Iva, for setting me free.
Thank you, Iva, for being you & for fulfilling you soul’s purpose.

"Hi Gorgeous, 

I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful, awakening session you gifted me with. I had experienced soul truths that I had been neglecting for a long time. You opened my eyes, heart and soul to the exact steps I need to begin taking. You are the real deal and I am so happy to have had the chance to experience your gifts. 

During our session, I experienced music playing around me that sounded like angels and a bright turquoise light came to the front of my eyes. This whole week has brought me so much magic, experiences and connections with others I was so closed off to previously. 

Thank you again for sharing you spectacular gift, you are a true light worker."

"IVA ~

My goodness gracious me! You have literally flushed some major blocks from my system and energy field! Your Hands-On Event was so powerful!

I loved the calmness and serenity, everything made me feel so taken care of and warm. You gave me such powerful activations that are still guiding me through this massive metamorphosis! I just LOVE the effect of them!

Since our session, my life feels different. I feel different. Everything around me is different. It’s truly incredible! I’ve experienced so much divine synchronicity, gifts and blessings, forgiveness and love since the hands-on healing. You’ve opened my heart up and made space for my soul to shine. Thank you for that.

After doing the assignments you gave me, amazing things began to happen! I began to feel this release of weight. Thank you SO much!"

"HELLOOO Beautiful Iva!!

Your energy is contagious, you have inspired me to strive for my best possible life, and to feel lit up all day every day. I feel this energy that I have never felt before. 

When we were doing the energy colours and breathing, I could actually feel you inside my body. You were re-wiring and working on me, and it was unbelievable to feel it all happening. I am starting to see so many of my insecurities dissipate. I cannot thank you enough. Your gift never seizes to amaze me!!"


I don’t know where to begin, after our session I felt like so much was lifted off my shoulders. When you did your Hands-On work with me, I felt my body tingling. My lips started to vibrate while I was breathing outwards and the bloated feeling I had for the last few months went away!!!  I noticed the magic around me right away. I felt so much positivity from those I love and even from my clients. Every time I see you, amazing things happen, and continue to happen as I do my activations. Thank you for your magic and everything you do."

"Hi Iva! 

I wanted to send you an update since my session as I have been feeling this impactful shift in the past 2 days!

I’ve been feeling more grateful for my life and I know that you taken me to another level! My mood has changed a lot since our session and I’ve received so many gifts in the past few days!  My skin has also begun to clear up and calm down.  I feel like you removed this intensity from my body which I was literally taking out on myself (sabotaging ME)  Thank you for balancing me back and creating the yin to my yang, it has made such a difference in my daily life.  The calmness that I feel is blissful and I know my session is still working through me. 

Thank you Thank YOU!"

"Hellloooo gorgeous Iva!

This email is to express how grateful I am to have you in my life. With every session comes an increase in the light soul energy within me. I feel like a new human and am so elevated!

Yesterday, I got a job without even seeking it. Best part is, it’s in a field that I’ve never experienced and will open me up to so many opportunities!! The work you do with me continues to amaze me. I honestly can say that my life would not be what it is if it weren’t for you. I’m feeling high on life and and energized on a whole new level! Of course the universe throws curveballs, but I feel that they are just a chance for me to prove that I’m capable of getting over the hurdles. Each time I commit to soul and overcome things, I become more elevated. I am also becoming more confident in myself and am carrying myself in a whole new way.  I can’t wait for our next session and to keep taking this to the next level! I’m soul addicted. Love you!!!

Thank you for everything!!!!!"

“Since our hands-on session, things have been magical! I’ve noticed a shift in the way I see things and treat others & myself. Your activations are clearly having a positive effect and I’m very happy. Since our session, I got a job that is paying me passive income and for that I am sooooo grateful. It gives me time to engage in creative play that makes my soul feel alive and happy and grow! I had two unexpected checks pop in the mailbox yesterday from a different source! On top of all that, my creative juices are flowing and I’ve noticed ideas are steaming through me at an incredible rate. Everything is perfectly synchronistic. Your gift is allowing me to share my gifts and that’s a pretty dope place to be in. Thank you thank you thank you for being you” 

"Hi Iva!

Sooooo many amazing things have happened since the hands on Iva Energy Healing!  My life has completely changed and I feel like a different person all together!

The moment you began to work on me I physically felt you removing so much baggage that I never knew I carried.  You literally kicked out all the blocks and excess weight that was harbouring inside of me. As soon as you finished I felt immediately lighter and within 2-3 days I lost weight!!!!!!   FOR REAL!!!!  

Along with all the physical changes I am feeling whole and at peace with myself.  My confidence has jumped, my heart is filled with passion and I feel like I'm walking into a new page in my life!!!  The amount of joy I feel is infinite and I never want it to end! 
Today I got offered a new opportunity outside of my long term career.  And I'm so excited to try something completely different that I was never open to before!   How do you do that????  

I'm on the greatest high and I can't thank you enough for what you've done!  Your hands on work is Beyond POWERFUL!!!!!!  In a matter of an hour and some you've helped me shed weight, fear, anxiety, depression and stagnant energy.  THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much.  You have no idea how much this means to me and what a HUGE impact you've made.  


“Hi Iva!

I just wanted to send you a God Bless YOU, Thank YOU, You’re the Bomb, No words can explain how amazing I feel!

You literally snapped me back into myself!!! Everything you said was 1000% true and really hit me after my session! During the session when I was looking at the screen of my computer, the words coming out of your mouth were faster than your mouth was moving! It was like your reading was pouring ahead of your actual physical mouth!!!!! It was incredible to see because that has never happened before!!!!  My whole body is shaking as I’m writing this to you! It’s like your energy is travelling through my cells and body!!!

Thank you so much for aligning me back into myself. I love doing my activation because I feel it’s lifting my whole energy levels within seconds!

It is Always an elevated experience during my sessions! I love how each time is so different from the other.

Thank you



I had to tell you, I just got a job without even having to look for one, for something that I’m really interested in!! I’m so happy and I owe it all to the work you’ve done with me. You’re a godsend, and everything amazing in my life is a direct result of the work I’ve done with you!!! I love you lots and I’m extremely grateful to have you in my life. You’re an amazing human and I cannot thank you enough for showing me the light"

“Soooooo much has happened since my session with you! I was stuck in the mud and you literally pulled me out, shook me out of it and then BOOM! Miracles happened! Everything opened up and ALLLL the True support and people in my life came forward to assist me. That power is undeniable. It’s been such a journey. I am amazed at how my life is falling into place so seamlessly.” 

“Hi Iva!

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you do here on this earth. Every time I have a session I feel like I understand further the depth of what you can do. It feels like there is no limit to your gift and power! It leaves me feeling so free and happy, my heart feels like it’s growing and expanding! My creativity goes beyond what I even think I can do and then people around me begin to ASK “who is Iva?”

The power in that is life altering. It’s infectious in the most magical way!

I LOVE being in my soul,

Thank you for showing it to me.” 

Our session the other day was actually incredible. You were so accurate in everything you said and everything I was needing at that time and had been needing for so long….it felt like the energy that we cleared was one that needed to be cleared for a long time…and right after our session finished, that person you had been channelling messaged me….coincidence? I DON’T THINK SO" 

"Reaching out to you to thank you for changing my life and making me believe in magic and that we are truly in control of reaching our full potential. In control of our destiny if we truly believe and are willing to put in the work. Because of you I am able to reach new levels and am excited because I know that I have so much further to go! Rising up every day because of the inspiration, motivation, and dedication that you provide your clients with. Thank you for your gift. Filled with so much love! Ready to conquer the highest mountains!" 

Just another THANK YOU. I can’t even believe everything that’s happened in the last year. I’m truly a different person. I needed your guidance and I’m so glad I took a chance on an alternative style of healing…it’s been the deepest healing of my life. I feel unstoppable now – you’ve helped me to see how barriers are just dust in the air, and are self-imposed. And how we break them all when we are aligned with soul. There are no limits when in alignment. I just love you so fuckin muchhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

I’m a different human. I’ve worked w counselors, psychologists, psychotherapists, and left them all after a while…but you have stayed the whole way through and been the most powerful force of all. 
Thank you for everything this year, Iva. LOVE LOVE LOVE"

“Four months following a cycling accident I suffered post-concussion symptoms including chronic headaches and nausea. The recovery process was Painful, uncomfortable and incredibly slow. After One session with Iva, I immediately noticed an improvement in my physical well-being. After two sessions, my post-concussion symptoms have disappeared.
Thanks so much Iva!”

"I want you to know that I support your work and everything you are from the complete bottom of my heart and soul. I remember the first session I had with you, and afterwards I showered and was shaking and all the beads of water were standing up on my skin like goosebumps. You’re one of the greatest things to come into my life – it feels selfish to admit part of why, but it’s that you SEE me and are pulling things up to my surface that have been buried in the deepest pit of my gut, things that I didn’t have the confidence to recognize in myself; my power, my gifts, my direction, true spirit. And that I can just trust in that.  

U are a gift. U have gifts but u also are a gift."

“Hi Iva,

Thank you for telling me, reminding me, always reinforcing me to be ME. I feel more beautiful (that is so weird to even write) I never thought that I could feel good or even feel beautiful! You have never led anywhere but UP & into my heart & soul and I’m thankful for you.

So many things are changing for me at the moment and this has helped me to step into my confidence and it feels so good!


“I really feel like I have come out of my shell and into my own self, having a kind of confidence I didn’t know existed before. You have helped me realize the importance of self-love and self-care, and it has changed my life tremendously. My perception is so different, and my mind is so clear. Being able to rid my anxieties without any medication or “therapies” still amazes me. I owe this all to you, and I am so grateful every day that I live worry-free. The greatest thing of all has been finding myself. THANK YOU!!!!!"

“Hi Iva!

These past 2 days since my session have been like a breath of fresh air! I felt lighter, softer, calmer, more at peace and wayyyyy less anxious and sad.

While my session was happening I felt you shifting things inside of my body. It was almost like when a fuse blows you reset those buttons for me! I feel less bloated and it’s like you’ve changed my filtering system! My eyes are brighter, my appetite has decreased and I am focusing inwardly instead of outwardly! You’ve filled my heart and soul with so much love and magic that I don’t even feel like eating!!!

Thank you so much. I love my sessions with you and can’t wait to continue them for Leyef!

Love You Tons!”

"Hiii Iva,

I’ve started and moved through every day since our session with a smile on my face. My energy has been infectious in my house and at work - everyone is feeding off of it and I’m so humbled. By helping me to wake up elated every morning, I’m sharing you with the people around me. There is laughter and introspection and collaboration and peace. What a joy. Thank-you.

This week, you told me to do my activations and to let white doves carry away the negativity and the old energy. 

How did you know that my next-door neighbour keeps doves? They surround my home and fly overhead all day. They’re so close that I can hear their wings beat above my body. Your guidance here has helped me find beauty whenever I turn my head to the sky. With every dove comes a release. You have no idea how light I feel.

I’m so grateful to have recognized you as my old friend, and to have found you again in this life. What a gift. 

All my love.

"Everything in my life has changed and I know it’s from my work with you. You gave me the courage to move on. I was having so much anxiety, stress and felt trapped. You were there for me in ways that made me feel supported from the core. You have injected me with this energy to live full force and I feel like a pro-athlete/soul-athlete! I feel stronger, I feel happier and I feel like I can do anything! I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH!” 

“I booked a one on one session with Iva and wow! I was totally blown away. Iva is so insightful. The activations were so inspiring, positive and uplifting. They immediately made me feel lighter. She saw things inside of me that even I forgot, told me about my food allergies which she was super accurate about. It brought such positivity and a new, improved way of thinking to my life. I don’t know how to explain it.” 


the biggest thing I've noticed in ALL areas of my//M{EYE} Life is that I'm NO LONGER IN SURVIVAL/DAMAGE CONTROL MODE. This is Massive. This is incredible. I'm finally in a place where I'm ready to build, create, love, and grow instead of working to maintain what isn't working. And everywhere I have been in which I took on the role of "Damage Control Manager" (even in my own personal life) gets to leave ~gently~. I feel like I'm breathing life again and ready to do what feels good. Not even just good ~ what feels authentically invigorating. 

Really, really excited to dig deep & then keep going.

xoxo Love you!!!"

"Since my session with Iva, It’s like my whole consciousness is shifting. My relationships improved. Old bad habits are disappearing to make way for new. I have an overall better outlook on life and the options I now know I have. I got a new better job since then and it’s crazy. It’s like everyone wants to work with me. I am just beyond excited to explore life’s possibilities.” 

“Thank you for fixing my windshield wipers, turning on my defroster and removing all that was blocking me from seeing my truth!!!! As I sat there during my session, I kept thinking to myself “I WILL NEVER STOP WORKING WITH YOU!” It is so important to me. What you do for all of us is far beyond anyone’s imagination! I am lucky to have met you and worked with you for this long. Thank you so much!"

“Hi Iva!

I just wanted to write a little thank you note. Not sure you’re aware but after you touched my hand as you were leaving the studio yesterday I felt a shift energetically that really helped bring about a release of something stuck with me for a couple weeks now. I’m not all the way there but that simple gesture was lovely and very much appreciated. Thank you!! I could still feel the touch even a couple hours later like a tingly warmth on my hand!”


I had to write to tell you so many wonderful things. First, I did the “Eye Cleanse” and first of all it is DELICIOUS and so exciting. I also so feel so much lighter and my skin is so clear. I also made the drink you told me about and it is so tasty and such a vibrant colour! Not only does my physical body feel lighter, but so does everything else. Since our session I have just felt so much more at ease, things and people and situations that were stressing me out now seem so small and I feel like I’m just riding the wave and chillin’. I’ve also found myself really looking around evaluating where I’m at. People, places and things that are truly making me happy versus things I feel like I have to do because it’s what’s expected or obligated. I’m in a place of discovery, which is scary but also very exciting. I can’t wait for another session with you!

So exciting!

Love love."

“Ok listen: you changed my entire life. EVERYTHING has changed since my last session. Me, my surroundings, people around me, jobs. Everything. Firstly, I fucking get it all. It’s the simplest solution. I felt the activation working on me in progressions after the session. The shift has been HUGE. Whole new life. I feel different. Free. I feel internally chilled out and so fucking energized at the same time but through my SOUL. I literally feel my signal has been rearranged to connect to My Soul – and it’s crazy how much easier, more natural, rewarding and enjoyable life is. When you listen and connect to your SOUL!!”

"Iva's sessions have had an immense impact on me and my life. She has changed me. To begin, it all started with a very big and may I say unknown issue that was happening to me in my life for a long time. And with so many appointments and tries of reasoning, I could not find any answer to what it was or why It was even happening to me. I wasn't happy, I was sad, and deeply frustrated. It led me to a huge awakening which wonderfully led me to Iva. Iva opened me up, and More importantly, made me Realize I was fighting my own self.

Iva has allowed me to understand my soul, my body, my mind, and to listen to what is going on Inside me and around me. Bring magic into my soul that was wanting to open up for so long. Be with the people who want me in their circle, not forced. Let go of certain energies and bring in good flows, vibes and frequencies. I am changed in the way I am. I am no longer how I used to be. I smile more. I am happier. I am not afraid of what I used to be afraid to do or say. Even the way I view certain things, the way I feel, how to bring light back into me and my life.

I've had people tell me that “I inspire them in the way I am so happy and positive" and that I “have a beautiful soul" and "I am glowing". This is how I knew I changed and I can see it within my self. And it emanates off of me :)

Iva Has given me immense love, pure soulfulness, and powerful energies That flow within me, I feel amazing! She is absolutely wonderful and magical and I am so amazed to have Her in my life. And extremely grateful she is helping me. I love her soooo much!! She is super powerful. 
Love you Iva!" 

- LA

"In life we get to meet people from many different walks of life, some are nice, some are not so nice, and then we meet people that walk among us that are NOT from this plane. They live in this society but are NOT conditioned by this society, they have a higher sense of awareness, a higher vision of life. Someone once said, "You can never solve a problem on the same level with which it was created." We need to change our point of view or look at it from another angle. I believe IVA is one of those people, someone that has not been corrupted by the drama of society and is able to show us a different point of view to our problems. Iva is someone that has a direct connection to your own higher purpose in life, and for that I am deeply thankful.  I hope this helps anyone who has the opportunity to be privileged enough to hear IVA's message she has for you.  Your own personal message from a higher purpose. 

Thank you for your insights IVA."

- Rodolfo - Homeopath

"Iva is the most intuitive person I have ever met; she sees through you like a skeleton and knows more about you than you know about yourself"

- Cori

"Incredibly intuitive, warm and refreshingly honest, Iva tells it like it is from the heart and cuts to the core of any issue.  Mixing a unique blend of energetic/body work coupled with her razor-sharp intuition and genuine compassion, Iva has an unforgettable way of assisting on every level. No two sessions are ever the same, as she allows her guidance to direct her to your best possible good in any given moment.  She is like an Olympic trainer for the soul, spurring on each spiritual athlete to his or her “gold medal life”.  If you are looking for serious results and transformation in your life, Iva will be your most powerful cheerleader. A beautiful soul with a remarkable gift, she is a blessing to all who have the good fortune of knowing her. 

Love & Gratitude,"

- Andrea - Professional Singer | DJ | Master of Ceremonies - Cairns, QLD, Australia

"Iva has helped guide me to focus on the aspects of myself that make me a better, more authentic person. Due to working with Iva on a weekly basis, I have become courageous enough to start my own company, find my true passion and be happy with who I am! Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have her help guide me and learn to activate my true desires. Love you, Inspiring Iva" 

- VS

"I have had 4 sessions with Iva now, she has shown me many things that I had never realized or seen about myself. My eyes and soul are more opened now due to these 4 sessions. I am re-learning who I am.

Iva digs deep into your soul and your true inner feelings to make you FEEL and ACKNOWLEDGE them and helps you walk through the turmoil to guide you to soul safety, soul happiness, soul healing, soul love, soul success, and in my case, helping me see what my soul really needs to be whole and complete.

I have been to all sorts of conventional therapy for many years, but these 4 sessions have been more successful than the years of therapy. It is truly an amazing  and powerful gift that she has and I am lucky that I have the chance to have her to work with me to help me become the highest vibrating soulful person that I can be."


"I remember the first time I met Iva. It was four years ago that I came to see her. I took a leap of faith and made an appointment - having no clue what to expect. I remember being struck by her beauty first and foremost. Her eyes pierced into my soul and I instantly became an open book. 

That first session was magical and put things into motion that would change my life. Two months later, I met the man of my dreams, Uraaz Bahl. The night we said I love you, was the most surreal night thanks to Iva! It all suddenly fell into place. Needless to say he is now my husband and every time I meet a girlfriend desperate to find a man I tell them what Iva told me. Thanks to Iva I am with my better half and am ready to fly."

- Shaana - Actress | Producer

"Working with Iva has always been a wonderful experience. Iva provides guidance that has helped me work through my issues from a different perspective and challenges me to move forward using a new approach. She has a tremendous amount of insight and her information is extremely useful and accurate. 

Ever since Iva got me into the habit of saying my daily affirmation, which she carefully crafted for me, my life has been so much better. I'm losing weight in a healthy way, I sleep better, I am more calm and I feel happier. Her advice really helped me move forward."

- Alicia 

"I began my sessions with Iva immediately. I knew something was missing in my life and I had been searching for a mentor that would help me enhance myself. She taught me many important lessons in life and gave me specific tools for what I needed as a creative innovator - from meditation to positive mantras, and even personal grocery shopping! Not only was she guiding me and advising me, she helped me step outside my box and pushed me to create this business. I am currently standing outside my old box and I won't go back! I am working on becoming my best self. I am creating my dream. I am using her tools and love to become the person I was put on earth to be. I've never felt better." 

- AK - Stylist

"I feel ALIVE and LIT UP.  So refreshing. I am always amazed at how each session ends with some new realization about myself.  As I get more connected to myself, it all feels like a natural state of being. That's the goal, that's the prize, that's when I will truly be living the life I'm meant to live.

Love you - thank you for all your support, reality checks and guidance."

- Sach


I feel like I had my eyes open up for the first time in a long while this week.  I ACTUALLY feel that my eyes have been closed for years - that I had been projecting my own insecurities on to so many things and people and situations. The minute I started to love and accept myself last week, my perception started to change. 

I get excited just thinking about it.

To loving, focusing and slowing down.


- SC

"Iva is able to work with you on such an incredibly, deep & soul-mindful level. Everything she says is worded so perfectly and beautifully so that it resonates with you in the most profound, and intimate way. She brings all the right people into the room to produce the most magical, new relationships...Things make sense again - like I've been to a spiritual lost and found."  

- M

"Iva invigorates you to step up to your true potential - to stop hiding behind the shadow of the self! She is able to motivate you to be the purest, most authentic, most powerful version of yourself. The "results" are infinite and I can finally say I'm stepping back into my own, personal "Maarika" zone." 

- Maarika